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Multiplayer Boardgames Rules

Board Games Competition: Throughout the tournament there will be a board games competition run along side the main Diplomacy event. Players may play in as many or as few boardgames in the boardgames competition as they like. Any multi-player boardgame is elligible to be included in the boardgames competition (if a score sheet for the game is submitted), unless the players agree before the game starts that it will not be included in the boardgames competition. For a game to count in the boardgames competition a "Boardgames Competition Score Sheet" must be completed and handed in to the Tournament Director by the end of Round 3 in the Diplomacy Tournament. Games which finish after the completion of Round 3 of the Diplomacy Tournament will not count. Any player may submit a "Boardgames Competition Score Sheet", which must be signed by the players in that game. Players refusing to sign a score sheet which they played in will be handled at the Tournament Directors discretion. If you played in a game, sign the sheet. If you want to leave before the game is completed, sign the sheet. 

Approved Games: Players may play almost any game they like, and nearly all will be approved by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director may rule out certain games from the competition at the Tournament Director's discretion (either before or after they are played). You may check your game is OK with the TD before you start playing it if you want to be sure.

Scoring: Points will be scored according to the finishing position of players in each game. This will then be weighted according to the average length of each game, so that someone playing lots of short games doesn't have an undue advantage over someone playing a few long games. 

Game Average Game Length Weighting Factor
Group A 
(eg Family Business)
up to 30 minutes 1
Group B
(eg Starbase Jeff $30)
60 minutes 2
Group C
(eg Settlers of Catan)
90 minutes 3
Group D
(eg Empire Builder)
120 minutes 4
Group E
(eg 1830)
over 120 minutes 5
Number of players Finishing position Points
2 1st 6
  2nd 2
3 1st 7
  2nd 4
  3rd 1
4 1st 8
  2nd 5
  3rd 3
  4th 1
5 1st 8
  2nd 6
  3rd 4
  4th 2
  5th 1
6 1st 8
  2nd 6
  3rd 4
  4th 3
  5th 2
  6th 1
7 1st 8
  2nd 6
  3rd 5
  4th 4
  5th 3
  6th 2
  7th 1
8 1st 8
  2nd 7
  3rd 6
  4th 5
  5th 4
  6th 3
  7th 2
  8th 1

The winner will be the player with the highest aggregate score. 

Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

Last modified: 9 September, 2009
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