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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

Diplomacy Results and Rankings

Tournament Results
2016: Taupo, Mel, Poppy
2015: Vic, Poppy
2014: Poppy
2013: No Tournaments Held
2012: Vic
2011: Aust, NZ, Vic, Waikato, World Dip Championship XXI
2010: Aust, NZ, Vic, Qld, NSW, Auck, Sydney
2009: Aust, NZ, Qld, MDO, Auck, Sydney, DON
2008: MDO, Aust, Auck, Vic, Border, Sydney, DON
2007: Aust, Qld, Sydney, DON
2006: Aust , Waikato , Vic , Qld , Border, NSW, Auck , NZ, DON, ANZAC
2005: Aust , Vic , Qld, NSW, Auck, NZ, DON, Wollongong
2004: Aust, Waikato, Vic, Auck, NSW, NZ, DON,Wollongong
2003: Vic, NSW, Auck, Don, NZ, Wollongong. (The 2003 Aust Champs was cancelled)
2002: Vic, Waikato, World DipCon 2002, NSW, Auck, NZ, Canberra and Wollongong.
Aust, Waikato, Vic, Qld, NSW, Auck, Well, ACT, NZ, Wollongong and Don.
Aust, Waikato, Vic, Qld, Wellington, NSW, ACT, NZ and Don.
1999: Aust, Waikato, Vic, NSW, Qld, NZ, ACT and Don.
1998: Aust, Vic, NSW, Qld, NZ, ACT and Don.
1997: Aust, Vic, NSW, Qld and Don.
1996: Aust, Vic, NSW, ACT and Don.
1995: Aust, Vic, NSW, Don, WA and ACT.
1994: Aust, Qld, Vic, NSW, Maroubra, ACT and Don.
1993: Aust, Vic, NSW, Maroubra, Port Macquarie and Don.
1992: World DipCon III (WDC3, Canberra, 25-27 January 1992).
International Tournament Results can be found at The World Diplomacy Database.
The Bismark Cup
The Bismark Cup encourages attendance at Diplomacy tournaments and is awarded to the most successful player at DAANZ affiliated tournaments throughout the calendar year.
The current holder of the Bismark Cup (the 2016 winner) is Tim Jones.
Australian Diplomacy Champions
A list of Australian Diplomacy Champions since 1988, as decided at the Australian Diplomacy Championships held each year.
New Zealand Diplomacy Champions
A list of New Zealand Diplomacy Champions since 1998, as decided at the New Zealand Diplomacy Championships held in Auckland each year.
Diplomacy Master Points
Current Diplomacy Master Point rankings.
18-Centre Victories
At Diplomacy tournaments in Australia and New Zealand since January 1988.

Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

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