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DAANZ-Dip@daanz.org is the email list for discussion of the game of Diplomacy in Australia and New Zealand. A message sent to DAANZ-Dip is automatically emailed to all list members. DAANZ-Dip provides a forum where people who are interested in Diplomacy can discuss a range of issues related to both the game and their other common interests (such as sport).

How do I join DAANZ-Dip?

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What do I do next?
Once you have subscribed to DAANZ-Dip, you can send a message to all members of DAANZ-Dip by sending an email to:

What if I have problems with DAANZ-Dip?
If you have any problems the list-owner will be happy to assist you: Will Black

Playing Diplomacy by Email and Zines

Postal Diplomacy 'Zines Diplomacy has been played through the post, mainly in amateur magazines or "zines", for over 30 years. Here is a list of Australasian Dipzines.

Playing Diplomacy by Internet Email (Computer moderated) You can play Diplomacy by Internet Email using an automated Judge. There are a number of Judges around the world. You can find more about playing Diplomacy using a Judge in the Diplomatic Pouch Email Diplomacy Section. Or you could use the Diplomatic Pouch's Dip Judge.

DAANZ Rag - Newsletter
At various times in the past, a DAANZ zine has been produced. You can view some back isues here.

Fungus Down Under, 2010 [] (PDF, 3.83 Mb)
DAANZ eZine, January 2010 [] (PDF, 228 kb)
DAANZ eZine, July 2009 [] (PDF, 272 kb)
DAANZ eZine, December 2008 [] (PDF, 1032 kb)
DAANZ eZine, October 2008 [] (PDF, 200 kb)
DAANZ Rag, August 2002 [] (PDF, 200 kb)
Online back-issues: May 2002 [] (PDF, 400 kb);DAANZ Rag #12 (1999, 50kb), DAA Rag #5 (1997, 64kb), DAA Rag #4 (1997, 59kb), DAA Rag #3 (1997, 41kb), DAA Rag #1 (1996, 16kb).


Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

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