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DAA Rag #3

Newsletter of the Diplomacy Association of Australia
Issue #3
February 1997


Notice of AGM

The AGM of the Diplomacy Association of Australia will be held on Saturday 29 March 1997 during the lunch break of the 2nd day of the Victorian Diplomacy Championship at University High School in Melbourne. The Financial Statements for the 1996/97 year will be presented at the AGM. You must have paid your 1997subscription ($5) in order to participate in the meeting.

The following 2 remits will be discussed and voted on at the meeting:

  1. That the DAA not renew its public liability tournament insurance covering tournament organisers, given that there are currently only 2 tournaments that require this coverage (ACT and Don Challenge);
  2. Given that the first remit is successful, that the $1/player/game Tournament Affiliation Fee still be charged in order to fund any possible promotional activities that the DAA may want to engage in.
The main concern with #1 is that we may not be able to find organisers for the two tournaments after 6 Nov 1997 (the date the insurance lapses). I realise there are points for and against #2. By bringing it into the open it can be discussed and agreed by the members. Current DAA members who will not be at the AGM can submit their votes for these remits directly to me.


DAA Subscription for 1997

This is the last call for 1996 members who have not yet paid their 1997 subscription. Please forward your 1997 subscription ($5) to myself (Ian van der Werff) or pay at the Victorian Diplomacy Championships in order to receive further issues of this newsletter.



The views expressed in Forum articles are not necessarily those held by the DAA. It will be used to float various ideas on changes to various aspects of the hobby, to see what the reaction is from members of the DAA.

Where the DAA is 'formally' considering changes, these will be promulgated elsewhere within this newsletter (ie, not in the Forum).

Variant Diplomacy Tournaments

Suggestions to exclude Colonial is an example of blinkered thinking. I thought we were trying to expand the hobby? Shouldn't we find a way to do this? ISN'T IT THE FIRST AIM OF OUR ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION?
Andrew Geraghty

Tournament Options for Australia

Issue 1 had a 1997 proposed timetable which shifted events around. This was done without consultation with clubs, certainly not with ours. Yet it was presented as if it HAD such support. If a Canberra tournament were held in between Melbourne (Easter) and Sydney (June) it could be nothing but a failure with insufficient time for players to recover and spend on more travel. I do not believe the ACT Champs should shift from October; any argument that the long weekend makes it easier to travel to, say, WA, is vacuous because it isn't a long weekend in Victoria. Issue 2 suggests Canberra in July. ARE YOU MAD? Canberra in mid-winter? What blockhead wants that? And why the big gap between July and Nov/Dec for Don Challenge for most east coast players?
Andrew Geraghty

Yes, the 1997 proposed timetables were proposed without consultation with the clubs, but there was discussion with a number of players from various states (just who does get to speak for "clubs"?). But it was certainly not presented as if it had the support of clubs. I thought it was stated quite clearly that the Forum was a place for suggestions, against which people can make comments (and I appreciate those above relating to dates - I only have a problem with the inferences made). As for Canberra in mid-winter, the "blockhead's" name is clearly stated. And finally, I believe the big gap for east coast players was to encourage them to try and make it to WA if they organise a tournament in that time frame. Editor

Subsequent communications with a representatives from NT and WA indicate that there are currently no plans to hold a tournament in either of those states in 1997. However, Andy Turner is investigating the possibility of holding a tournament in SA in 1998, and there will be a tournament in NT (Alice Springs) in January 1998.
Ian van der Werff

Changes to DAA Tournament Rules

I repeat: a National rules system must provide minimum and maximum parameters for play within which games are played. Otherwise there isn't a fair basis for comparison. While the 1920 limit may seem unnecessary with a score system such as CRASS, it only takes one collective vote to change that and you have the potential for imbalanced national scores.
Andrew Geraghty

Could the rules be published in the Rag? This will help people formulate an idea what the changes are about and then they can have input. (The rules appear later in this issue.) Bill also has the following comments on two of Andrew Goff's suggestions published in issue #2:
GM by committee:
An argument exists that a Tournament should have a neutral GM who does not compete and remains detached from seeding, scoring and administration. These questions should be addressed before we formally allow for GM by committee.
National Scoring System
I move that we adopt CRASS as the National Approved Scoring System, and include a list of possible alternatives with a proviso that another system can be used provided it goes before an appropriate committee before being used at a DAA accreditated Tournament.
Bill Brown

Time Draws

I am interested to see how anyone can come up with a simpler time draw system. Good luck.
Andrew Geraghty

Tournament Time Warnings

WHY change the rules on time warnings? It couldn't be any simpler! The rules state that players must have their orders in on time and it is THEIR responsibility to do so. A warning is a bonus, not a necessity. Anything else is pandering to the carping of players who can't manage their time.
Andrew Geraghty

Financial Accounts

The "financial accounts" do not include the alleged payment of $363.83 for national public liability coverage as an item of the accounts, nor does it detail with whom the coverage was taken. Despite asking the President for some physical proof of this in October, I have yet to get anything. Secondly, the money owed by Cheevers is also a line item NOT a "footnote" and no mention has been made of what has or will be done to recover this money.
Andrew Geraghty

As of 10/11/96, the liability for the insurance had not been passed onto the DAA by myself. This occurred at Don Challenge. For the record, the insurance is with VACC Insurance (# PRG/0283531), and it is current until 4 Nov 1997. Also, the financial accounts shown were in the form of a cash flow record. The balance sheet and profit/loss record will be made available at the AGM. Editor

Tournament Affiliation Fees

The method of calculating the public liability funds owed, as stated, is incorrect. It has only ever been levied on FULL-TIME players, ie those who play in every round of the event.
Andrew Geraghty

I can't comment on distant past history, but I do know that over the last year (at least) the affiliation fee has been collected at a rate of $1/player/game (with the exception of GM positions). I would appreciate hearing from other people about this matter. Editor

Tournament Advertising

Pre-event advertising has been appalling. How can people attend if they don't know it's on until a weekend before it happens? That's when I got my Don Challenge flyer. I had already planned to go but had to cancel due to family commitments. But what about those who were wondering and didn't go to the ACT Champs (where was it mentioned)?
Andrew Geraghty

Pre-event advertising is one of the responsibilities of the organiser of a tournament. The DAA certainly does not have enough funds to do any large scale advertising (the affiliation fee covers insurance only) - especially with the low turn outs we are getting at the moment! Be that as it may, all future tournaments are now being notified in this newsletter. Notification of the ACT tournament was included in Issue #1, which was supposed to go to all subscribers to zines. I was assured by Andrew Goff that he passed on a copy to the two members of the DAA who do not receive a zine - including Andrew Geraghty. As for the flyer for the Don Challenge included in Issue #2, I was sent those by the organisers of that tournament, for inclusion in the newsletter. Finally, the newsletter did come out one week later than intended, as I did not have the addresses of members (in fact, I still don't have them all, so if anyone knows Craig Thomson or Reg Philp, could they please pass their addresses onto me). Editor

Changes to Bismark Cup and Masterpoints

As the new Custodian of the Masterpoints, I have strong feelings against tampering with the system as is. The system seems to work and any change should only come about with strong logical argument and a proven reason for change. Why make 15 scored for Champions? Why make it easier to become a Senior? Arguments and reasons should be given for these changes.
Bill Brown

New System for Drawing Boards in Tournaments

I agree that something should be tried to give newcomers a better go. In the past it was suggested that we put inexperienced players in a seperate section at least for their first tournament. This was when we had 50-60 players turning up for tournaments, but given our numbers now it is impractical. I agree that at least one round should be set aside for one game for less experienced players, and the experienced players play with reduced numbers. I think the Swiss system should be given more thought before being tried.
Bill Brown


Should we keep forking out around $300 a year just to cover one or two Tournaments that exist outside the convention circuit? This seems a waste of money to me.
Bill Brown

See Remits #1 & 2 to be voted on at the AGM. Editor


Australasian Clubs

At the time of writing, I only knew of 3 Diplomacy Clubs in Australasia where face-to-face games are played on a regular basis. Please provide me with the appropriate details of any other clubs (or regular meetings) within Australia and New Zealand.

The Diplomacy Club of Canberra (DCOC)

Meets 1st Friday of every month at the Slovenian Australian Association. Starting time is 7pm.

The Perth Diplomacy Club

Meets 3rd Sunday of every month at the loft (above the tavern) at the University of Western Australia. Nominal starting time 11am.

Victorian Diplomacy Club (VDC)

Meets 3rd Saturday of every month at the Student Union Building, Melbourne University (2nd floor). Nominal starting time 12pm. A number of different board games are played at this meeting.

VDC Slush Funds

As some of you may be aware, I am a proponent of openness in the hobby about funding, both in theory and in practice (unlike some). I would therefore like to set forth the following information about the VDC slush fund, of which I am the current custodian.

The current VDC slush fund was the result of the under-organisation of the 1996 Victorian Diplomacy Championships (Easter). No trophies had been purchased, and after covering a few minor expenses, to the best of my recollection, $282 was left over from the money received by me (as GM) from Conquest '96. The following summary details what this money has been spent upon:

Item                           Amount     Balance
Initial slush fund             + $282      $282
To Ian V.D.W. for DAA          -  $72      $210
	(note 1)
To Bill Brown for VDC96        -  $60      $150
	trophies (note 2)
To Rob Stephenson for          -  $10      $140
	timer (note 3)
To Rob Stephenson for          -  $30      $110
	Don96 loss (note 4)
Current balance                            $110
  1. This item represent a payment of $1 per person per round for DAA affiliation fees, which are used by the DAA to pay for public liability insurance.
  2. These trophies were distributed by Bill Brown to eligible place-getters. Enquiries on this matter should be directed to Bill Brown.
  3. A small cooking timer used for timing diplomacy periods during tournaments as an assistance the to GM. Currently in the custody of John Cain.
  4. The 1996 Don challenge made a direct loss of $30.00 (after paying for rent of the venue, trophies, and DAA affiliation fees). Other expenses (mail-outs, coffee, etc) were paid for by Rob Stephenson from his own pocket.
I am holding the remaining $110 in trust for the good of the Victorian Diplomacy hobby. It will be used to cover any losses arising from future tournaments, as a float for expenses such as trophies, to pay for publicity for the Victorian Diplomacy Club, and so forth.

All the best,
John Cain, j.cain@unimelb.edu.au


DAA Tournament Results

1996 Don Challenge Cup

This 3 round, 3 board, tournament was played over the weekend of 23/24 November in Melbourne.

The results are summarised below:

                Player                Points
1st place:	Rohan Keane		36
2nd place:	Ken Sproat		35
3rd place:	David Currell		34
4th place:	Richard Orme		34
5th place:	Bill Brown		30
6th place:	Doug Stewart		24
7th place:	Jason Whitby		17

Best Countries:
Austria:	Rohan Keane		11
England:	David Currell		14
France:		Rohan Keane		14
Germany:	Jason Whitby		 3
Italy:		Frank Meerbach		 7
Russia:		Richard Orme		11
Turkey:		Bill Brown		13

1997 Australian Championships

This 3 round, 3 board, tournament was played over the weekend of 25-27 January in Canberra.

The results are summarised below:

1st place:	Harry Kolotas		38
2nd place:	Tri Vo			30
3rd place:	David Gould		30
4th place:	Bill Brown		29
5th place:	Ian van der Werff	28
6th place:	Craig Sedgwick		27
7th place:	Geoff Kerr		26

Best Countries:
Austria:	Stephen Muzzatti	10
England:	Luc Gentet		16
France:		Tri Vo			15
Germany:	Harry Kolotas		13
Italy:		Andrew Goff		 8
Russia:		David Gould		 8
Turkey:		Alwyn Patterson		16

Forthcoming Tournaments

The following list of tournaments have been approved by the DAA. The results of these tournaments will count for inclusion in the Bismark Cup and Master Points. Details of the later tournaments will be updated in subsequent issues of this newsletter.

1997 Victorian Diplomacy Championships

Location:	with Conquest '97
		University High School
		Parkville, Melbourne
Date:		28-30 March, 1997
Liaison:	John Cain
		PO Box 4317
		Melbourne University
		Carlton   VIC   3052
		Ph:  03 9372 0110
GM:		Ian van der Werff
Format:		3 rounds over 3 days
Scoring System:	CRASS
Cost:		$35, paid before 14 March to:
		Conquest '97
		PO Box 310
		Knoxfield MDA   VIC   3180

1997 NSW Diplomacy Championships

Location:	with SAGA '97
		Canterbury Girls High School
		Church Road
Date:		7-9 June, 1997
Liaison:	Craig Sedgwick
		02 9661 3926
		015 894 670
		Harry Kolotas
		02 9975 1538
GM:		tba
Format:		3 rounds over 3 days
Scoring System:	tba
Cost:		$30

1997 ACT Diplomacy Championships

Location:	tba
Date:		4-5 October, 1997
Liaison:	tba
GM:		tba
Format:		3 rounds over 2 days
Scoring System:	tba
Cost:		tba

1997 Don Challenge Cup

Location:	tba
Date:		tba
Liaison:	tba
GM:		tba
Format:		3 rounds over 2 days
Scoring System:	tba
Cost:		tba

1998 NT Diplomacy Championships

Location:	Alice Springs
Date:		mid-January (during the week)
Liaison:	Andy Turner
GM:		tba
Format:		3 rounds over 4 days (rest day)
Scoring System:	tba
Cost:		tba

1998 Australian Diplomacy Championships

Location:	Canberra
Date:		24-26 January 1998
Liaison:	tba
GM:		tba
Format:		3 rounds over 3 days
Scoring System:	tba
Cost:		tba



The following three Zines are produced in Australia and New Zealand. A short description of the contents of each Zine is shown where this has been provided by the Editor.

Damn the Consequences (DtC)

A 20-page, 6-weekly zine, running dip and its variants, as well as Sopwith, Machiavelli & Railway Rivals. Brendan has designed 3 NZ maps he wishes to run for the latter. He also wishes to start a word game or two, New World, Maharaja, WS & IM and even IGT's "Journeys of St Paul".

DtC costs NZ$1.50 in NZ and NZ$2 in Australia.

	Contact:	Brendan Whyte
			96 Waiatarua Road
			Auckland 5
			New Zealand
			ph:  ++64 9 524-4307


Australia's Premier Diplomacy Magazine
Features Snail Mail Postal Diplomacy games and Email Diplomacy games (Normal and Gunboat). Current Diplomacy news, (National and International), Tournament Info, Reports and Results, Diplomacy Gossip. Also includes Chess Articles, A War Quiz, Crossword, Postal Scrabble, a little nudity (sometimes), Stories and Cartoons. FIST costs $2-50 an issue, comes out approx every 5 weeks and is edited and published by:
Andy Turner, 3/14 Thornton St, Kensington, SA, 5068. Tel: (08) 8361 2582
Email: turne44@ibm.net

Western Front

A 24-page PBM games zine published every 6 weeks. The games offered are mainly strategy boardgames adapted for postal play, and include titles such as Empires in Arms, Warlords, Pax Britannica and of course Diplomacy. Railroad games are becoming more popular, with games of 1830 and Railway Rivals having recently started. The most popular game is En Garde! which is a roleplaying game set in the France of the Three Musketeers. As well as games, each issue includes a number of history articles and comment on current events (with a focus on Asia). Cost is $2.00 an issue. Write to: Brad Martin, 15 Turo Close, Willetton 6155, Western Australia.

17 Centres

I am informed by the editor that this 'zine has now ceased production.


DAA Cash Flow (1996-97)

Note: The details of the DAA cash flow is provided for the benefit of its members. These details are not to be reproduced in any other publication.
Item				 	 $	 $
Initial Balance (1/7/96)		 	 0.00
  Subscriptions, '96			34.00
  Subscriptions, '97		       105.00
  Tournament Fees:
    Australian Championship '96		54.00
    Victorian Championships		72.00
    NSW Championship			80.00
    ACT Championships		    not received
    Don Challenge			55.00
    Australian Championship '97	    not received
Total Income			 	       400.00
  DAA Insurance			       363.85
  Mailing Expenses			 4.50
  DAA Rag #1				 2.00
  DAA Rag #2				34.75
  Purchase of Account Book		 8.50
  Stationery				 2.35
  Telephone (Tolls)			45.75
Total Expenses				       461.70
Balance as at     21/1/97		       -61.70
Notes to the accounts:
  1. Andrew Cheevers has stated that he has $230 of DAA money which will be paid back before the AGM
  2. The ACT and Australian Championships have yet to pay their tournament affiliation fees (for insurance).


Plans for Australian Diplomacy Archives

It is my intention to computerise all records for Australian Diplomacy Tournaments and hopefully have them incorporated into Ken Sproat's Diplomacy homepage in the future.
Bill Brown


1996 Bismark Cup - Final Results

The Bismark Cup is awarded to the player who performs the most consistently at tournaments over a calendar year.

The following list has been summarised from information supplied by Bill Brown. Five tournaments were played in 1996:

  • Australian
  • Victorian
  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Don Challenge Cup
     Placing	State			      Total
	1	NSW	Craig Sedgwick	       201
	2	ACT	Andrew Goff	       171
	3	VIC	Bill Brown	       151
	4	NT	Rohan Keene	       143
	5	VIC	Ken Sproat	       113
	6	VIC	Rob Stephenson		99
	7	VIC	Richard Orme		98
	8	NSW	Mark Pollinger		96
	9	VIC	Tristan Lee		85
	10	NSW	Steve Muzzatti		82
	11	ACT	David Gould		70
		NSW	Harry Kolotas		70
	13	VIC	Gary Bekker		67
		NSW	Geoff Kerr		67
	15	VIC	Ian van der Werff	61
	16	VIC	David Currell		59
	17	VIC	Frank Meerbach		58
	18	ACT	Reg Philp		53
	19	ACT	Doug Stewart		49
		VIC	Jason Whitby		49
	21	ACT	Tri Vo			48
	22	ACT	Chris Goff		42
	23	VIC	Phil Orme		37
	24	VIC	Andrew Bushby		36
	25	ACT	Chris Nairn		30
	26	VIC	Dugal Ure		25
	27	VIC	Rodney Noble		20
		ACT	Nick Wheatstone		20
		NSW	Choong Yeung		20
	30	ACT	Andrew Geraghty		17
	31	VIC	Michael Ruschena	15
		ACT	Adam Stewart		15
		NT/SA	Andy Turner		15
10 points:
Tim Anderson, Chris Allen, Andrew Cheevers, Gary Donovan, Russell Dovey, Jorge Garcia, Matt Hastings, David Murnane, Marcus Schtenko, Roger Swift, Craig Thomson, Min Vui Voon, Ian Whitchurch

5 points:
Neil Ashworth, Shane Beck, David Blom, Kim Crispin, Roger de Graff, Tom Drake-Brockman, Peter Drew, Bernard Duggan, Peter Eckersley, Andrew Harding, Arianwen Harris, Luke Hoban, James Kwan, Clive Lane, Trevor O'Shannessy, Kerry Slavin, Graham Staplehurst, Simon Summersfield, Stuart Wilson

Notes: 65 players attended tournaments in 1996.


1997 Bismarck Cup - Proposed Rules

I surveyed most of the people at the Don Challenge and no one objected, and I have not received any comments or disagreements. I will take the new rules as read and use them to score Tournaments for 1997.

I would support the idea of giving the Australian Championships a TWO board bonus instead of the current one. This would give the Tournament added prestige and importance and put it above the State Tournaments. All too recently Melbourne and Sydney have out scored the Australian Titles, and this would correct that.
Bill Brown, Bismarck Cup Custodian


1997 Bismarck Cup - Current Standings

The following list has been summarised from information supplied by Bill Brown. One tournament has been played in 1997 to date:
  • Australian Championships
     Placing	State			      Total
	1	NSW	Harry Kolotas		70
	2	ACT	Tri Vo			53
	3	ACT	David Gould		46
	4	VIC	Bill Brown		41
	5	VIC	Ian van der Werff	36
	6	NSW	Craig Sedgwick		31
	7	NSW	Geoff Kerr		27
	8	ACT	Andrew Goff		18
		VIC	Tristan Lee		18
		VIC	Jason Whitby		18
	11	VIC	Garry Bekker		15
		ACT	Luc Gentet		15
		NSW	Stephen Muzzatti	15
		NSW	Alwyn Patterson		15
	15	ACT	Carl Chang		12
		NSW	Steve Goldie		12
		ACT	Arianwen Harris		12
8 points:
Bob Blanchett, Chris Goff, Paul Goldie, Gareth Schofield

5 points:
Troy Anderton, David Astley, Ian McAlpine, Richard Nolan, Frank Tarcasio

Notes: 26 players have attended Tournaments in 1997 and played 9 games.


Master Points

Updated: 31-1-97
Custodian: Bill Brown
The following Master Points list includes only those players who have been active since January 1995. For those players, it includes the results of all tournaments played in since 1988 except Maroubra 1995 and Canberra 1996. Players who competed in those tournaments will have an incomplete score.

Champion Rank

  • 325 points to enter Master rank.
  • 17 Centres = 9 points
  • 16 Centres = 5 point
	Player			      Points
	Harry Kolotas			145
	Rob Stephenson			138
	Tristan Lee (Michael Chau)	108
	Craig Sedgwick			 94

Master Points Contents

Veteran Rank

  • 250 points to enter Champion rank.
  • 14 - 17 centres = one point per centre
  • 10 - 13 centres = (centres - 1) points
	Player			      Points
	Bill Brown			229
	Frank Meerbach			212
	Rohan Keane			186
	Ken Sproat			152
	Neil Ashworth			142
	Richard Orme			120
	Clive Lane			113
	Mark Pollinger			97

Master Points Contents

Senior Rank

  • 175 points to enter Veteran rank.
  • 10-17 centres = one point per centre
  • 9 centres = 7 points
  • 8 centres = 4 points
	Player			      Points
	Eric Roche			174
	David Gould			170
	Andrew Goff			164
	Andrew Harding			152
	Andrew Cheevers			143
	Phil Orme			121
	Andrew Bushby			119
	Dugal Ure			118
	Reg Philp			96
	Gareth Collins			94
	Ian van der Werff		82
	Andrew Geraghty			81
	Dave Robertson			70
	Geoff Kerr			66
	Shane Beck			50

Master Points Contents

Intermediate Rank

  • 100 points to enter Senior Rank.
  • 5 - 17 centres = one point per centre
	Player			      Points
	David Brown			88
	Garry Bekker			81
	Doug Stewart			76
	Tom Drake-Brockman		73
	Stephen Muzzatti		64
	Jorge Garcia			62
	Luke Hoban			59
	Alan Howard			54
	Chris Goff			43
	David Currell			42
	Derek Myers			40
	Tri Vo				39
	Andrew Hoy			37
	Ian Whitchurch			36
	Michael Adams			35
	Carl Chang			32
	Michael Ruschena		32
	Jason Whitby			29
	Geoff Baker			27
	Andy Turner			27
	Ross Lay			26
	Matt Exon			25
	Steven James			24
	Matt Hastings			20
	Gary Donovan			17
	Bob Blanchett			14
	Roger Brown			12
	Tim Anderson			11
	Colin Jacobs			10
	John Hyland			8
	Martin Cheevers			7
	Arianwen Harris			0
	Lorin O'Brien			0
	Adam Stewart			0

Master Points Contents

Novice Rank

  • 50 points to enter Intermediate rank.
  • 10 points for survival
  • 1-17 centres = one point per centre
  • if eliminated = one point for every year of survival (max 10)
	Player			      Points
	Paul Holt			48
	Guy Mischelewski		48
	Choong Yeung			47
	Bob Howard			47
	Robert Brown			45
	Andrew Godley			43
	David Inglis			43
	Min Vui Voon			43
	Andrew Edgar			42
	David Astley			40
	Chris Nairn			39
	Kerry Slavin			39
	Steve Goldie			38
	Matthew Custer			37
	Chris Skene			36
	Nick Wheatstone			35
	Marcus Holt			33
	Ken Holt			32
	Rodney Noble			29
	Craig Thomson			29
	David Cordova			27
	Brett Poppins			27
	Russell Dovey			25
	Gavin Goh			24
	Anthony Gray			24
	Michael North			23
	Marcus Ogden			23
	Marcus Schtenko			23
	Jon Bentley			22
	Bernard Duggan			22
	Brendan Kelly			22
	Graham Staplehurst		22
	Paul Goldie			21
	Chris Allen			20
	Gintarius Radzivanas		20
	Richard Steele			19
	Stuart Wilson			19
	Brad Martin			16
	James Kwan			15
	Roger Swift			15
	Stephen Fletcher		14
	David Murnane			14
	Darnon Fowler			13
	Adam Russell			12
	David Blom			11
	Michael Cook			11
	Tim Crispin			11
	Tony Duncan			11
	Sean Geoghegan			11
	Paul Harrison			11
	Simon Summerfield		11
	Todd Young			11
	Robert de Graff			10
	Peter Eckersley			 8
	Troy Anderton			 7
	Peter Drew			 7
	Gareth Schofield		 7
	David Kid			 6
	Adam Law			 6
	Ian McAlpine			 6
	Jason Richards			 6
	Frank Tarcasio			 6
	Carl Young 			 6	
	Richard Irwin			 5
	Mark Carne			 4
	Andrew Battisson	 	 3
	Trevor O'Shanessay		 3

Master Points Contents

DAA National Tournament Rules

Note: A full set of mandatory national rules was published in Issue #3 of the DAA Rag. However, since then, the mandatory rules have been removed and replaced with a set of recommended rules (which tournament organisers may use if they wish).

Therefore, this article has not been reproduced here on the DAA homepage.
Ian van der Werff


DAA Database

I am starting to receive an increasing number of requests from various people and organisations for a copy of the DAA mailing list database.

I propose to start making this listing available as of mid-March. The listing will include the names of all people who have been a member of the DAA since 1996 or who have played in tournaments from 1997.

If you do not wish your name and address to be made available to those people who request it, please let me know before 14 March 1997. Your details will be retained on the database for DAA purposes, but will not be released to anyone else.

As an example, the organisers of the Lasseters NT tournament in Jan 1998 have already requested this listing, and will receive it towards the end of March. The organisers of other tournaments might also request the listing.

Therefore, you might expect to receive mail-outs regarding up-coming tournaments. But once given out, there will be no control over where the listing might appear.


The "DAA Rag"

Please contact me if you have any additional information that is appropriate for inclusion in this newsletter, especially articles for the Forum and information on other Diplomacy clubs. The deadline for issue #4 is the end of April 1997.

Editor:	Ian van der Werff   (DAA Secretary)
	GPO Box 170B
	Melbourne  VIC   3001

	Phone/Fax: 	(03) 9663 8572
	Mobile:		(0419) 329 766
	email:		ivdw@acslink.net.au

Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

Last modified: 9 September, 2009
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