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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

Diplomacy Magazines

Theses Zines are produced in Australia and New Zealand. A short description of the contents of each Zine is shown where this has been provided by the Editor.

Damn the Consequences (DtC)
DtC was founded in NZ in 1987 and has since been published from USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Israel and Thailand. With a mainly antipodean readership it offers Diplomacy and many other games including Railway Rivals, Bus Boss, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and lots more. A$1.50 per issue, 6-weekly.
Contact: Dr Brendan Whyte
Email: obiwonfive@yahoo.com

Western Front
A 12-page Play By E-Mail games and history zine published every 6 weeks. The games offered are mainly strategy boardgames adapted for PBeM play, and include titles such as Empires in Arms, Britannia and of course Diplomacy. Railroad games are becoming more popular, with games of Railway Rivals having recently started. As well as games, each issue includes a number of history articles and comment on current events (with a focus on Asia). The zine is FREE and sent by e-mail in Word or PDF format.
Contact: Brad Martin, 180 Peninsula Road, Maylands 6051, Western Australia.
Email: westfront@westnet.com.au

We will happily list other zines if the information is provided to Will Black: wjcblack@gmail.com 

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