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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

World Diplomacy Championship XXI Sydney 2011

The 2011 World Diplomacy Championship XXI was held in Sydney, Australia, from October 1st - 3rd. Five rounds were played over three days, with games scored using the Owls scoring system. Each player was required to take 1 Bye in the first 4 rounds and could count 4 rounds out of 5 rounds played. The Tournament Organiser was Thorin Munro, assisted by Will Black, and Tournament Director was Rob Schone.

1Andrew GoffACT12BYE1391650
2Grant SteelAKL151113BYE1049
3Liam CosgraveACT2011TD 68746
4Peter McNamaraWABYE171111746
5Michael BinderUSA21BYE411541
6Chris BrandCAN1114BYE7941
7Quentin BallAKL14171.25BYE840.25
8Steve LyttonVIC12BYE961239
9Paraic ReddingtonWA81012TD 6838
10Thorin MunroNSWBYE81210838
11Kit BurkeQLDBYE1.2510101637.25
12Shane CubisNSW81512BYE136
13Graham AllenVIC611BYE8833
14Will BlackAKL10110.5BYE829.5
15Craig PurcellWAI9BYE515BYE29
16Doug StewartACT110.75BYE0.751628.5
17Dan BurgessUSABYE81170.526.5
18Melissa CallVIC6BYE100.75925.75
19Geoff KerrNSW1.250.75BYE41723
20Chait NimmagaddaNSW1.251BYE101022.25
21Gilby RehbeinAKL1.755BYE9520.75
22Ian WhitchurchNSW1.51BYE9920.5
23Stuart BartonACT131.752BYE218.75
24Matthew WoodburnNSWBYEBYE117BYE18
25Greg BreeseVIC51.5BYE101.518
26Sean ColmanNSW169BYE1.7517.75
27Robert RattleyNSW2BYE41512
28Darryl GreensillQLD1.25BYE2BYE811.25
29Damian ThornleyNSW6BYEBYEBYEBYE6
31Don Del GrandeUSA1.251.251BYE0.754.25
32Casey TuckerACT1.75BYEBYEBYEBYE1.75
33Gabriel SingerNSW1.5BYEBYEBYEBYE1.5

Best CountriesPTSSC  Teams Round   Total
Andrew Goff1612 AntipodesPeter McNamara, Grant Steel, Steve Lytton1113933
Geoff Kerr1713 Honourable ByeThorin Munro, Dan Burgess, Kit Burke12111033
Michael Binder2117 Doc Doc GooseMelissa Call, Michael Binder, Andrew Goff10131327
Kit Burke1613 What's Our Motivation?Liam Cosgrave, Paraic Reddington, Craig Purcell612523
Quentin Ball1411 SphincterSean Colman, Don Del Grande, Matthew Woodburn911121
Peter McNamara1713 What Is This?Will Black, Shane Cubis, Quentin Ball0.5121.2513.75
Liam Cosgrave2016 The OthersRobert Rattley, Stuart Barton, Darryl Greensill4228

Players Player : 1. Paraic Reddington 2. Michael Binder 3. Stuart Barton

Best Novice : Stuart Barton

Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

Last modified: 7 October, 2011
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