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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

1998 Queensland Diplomacy Championships

This four round tournament (two rounds each day) was hosted by the Queensland University Games Society, 18-19 July 1998, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. There were two boards each round.

Placing      Name             Points
1st          Geoff Kerr         34
2nd          Andrew Goff        33
3rd          Daniel Edwards     28
4th          David Astley       23 (played two boards for three rounds)
5th          Craig Sedgwick     20 (played two boards for one round)
6th          Gary Johnson (GM)  15 (played two boards for three rounds)
7th          Travis Hall        13 (played two rounds)
8th          Darryl Greensill   11 (played two boards for two rounds)
9th          Dale Edwards        7
10th         Mark Hodgkinson     6 (played one round)
11th         Ernest Cheung       2 (played two boards for one round)
12th         Darryl Cox          1 (played two rounds)

Note:  anyone who played both boards in a round received points for their
better game, not for both games.

Best Austria:  Geoff Kerr (15)
Best England:  Travis Hall (12)
Best France:  Andrew Goff (18)
Best Germany:  Andrew Goff (12)
Best Italy:  David Astley (9)
Best Russia:  Daniel Edwards, Craig Sedgwick (6 each)
Best Turkey:  David Astley (14)

Results courtesy of Gary Johnson: gary.j@mailbox.uq.edu.au


Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

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