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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

18-Centre Victory Hall of Fame

18-centre victories at DAANZ affiliated Diplomacy tournaments in Australia and New Zealand from 1 January 1988 to 10 April 2016.


Austria 4
England 1
France 10
Germany 8
Italy 5
Russia 13
Turkey 12
Rob Stephenson 7
Andrew Goff 4
Luke Clutterbuck 3
Rohan Keane 3
Tristan Lee 3
Jason Whitby 3
Andrew England 2
Adrian Fegan 2
Craig Sedgwick 2
Geoffrey Kerr 2
Russell Barke 2
Frank Meerbach 2
Thorin Munro 2
Daryl Winder 1
Mat Gibson 1
John Tong 1
Michael Hopton 1
Rob Wessels 1
Andrew Harding 1
Andrew Cheevers 1
Jason Zagami 1
David Brown 1
Mark Pollinger 1
Peter Taylor 1
Daniel Edwards 1
Grant Torrie 1
Will Black 1
Shane Cubis 1
Tim Jones 1

Total 18c wins = 53.
Total tournaments = 160


Detailed breakdown:
Year Tournament Country Player
2016 TAU Turkey Tim Jones
2011 AUS Turkey Thorin Munro
2010 AUS Turkey Thorin Munro
2009 DON Russia Shane Cubis
  SYD Germany Will Black
  AUS Germany Andrew Goff
2008 DON France Frank Meerbach
2007 SYD Italy Jason Whitby
2006 NSW Russia Rob Stephenson
2002 AKL Austria Grant Torrie
AUS (WDC) Turkey Rob Stephenson
2001 ACT Germany Tristan Lee
  AKL Germany Russell Barke
  NSW Italy Geoffrey Kerr
  QLD France Daniel Edwards
  QLD Russia Craig Sedgwick
  VIC Italy Rohan Keane
2000 NZL Russia Rob Stephenson
  VIC France Jason Whitby
1999 DON Turkey Andrew Goff
  DON Germany Rob Stephenson
  DON England Frank Meerbach
  NZL France Russell Barke
1998 ACT Russia Rob Stephenson
  ACT Turkey Rohan Keane
  NZL Austria Peter Taylor
  QLD France Andrew Goff
1997 DON Germany Craig Sedgwick
  VIC Turkey Jason Whitby
1996 ACT Russia Andrew Goff
  NSW France Mark Pollinger
  NSW France Geoffrey Kerr
1995 ACT Turkey Rob Stephenson
  WA Turkey David Brown
  DON Russia Rohan Keane
  AUS Russia Tristan Lee
1994 Maroubra Italy Rob Stephenson
  QLD Germany Luke Clutterbuck
  QLD Russia Jason Zagami
  VIC Russia Andrew Cheevers
1993 VIC France Andrew Harding
1992 DON Italy Tristan Lee
  DON Turkey Rob Wessels
1991 NSW Germany Andrew England
  VIC Russia Michael Hopton
1990 NSW France Adrian Fegan
  VIC Turkey John Tong
  AUS Russia Mat Gibson
  AUS Austria Luke Clutterbuck
  AUS Russia Adrian Fegan
1989 AUS Turkey Daryl Winder
  AUS France Luke Clutterbuck
1988 AUS Austria Andrew England

Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

Last modified: 16 April 2016
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