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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

2002 Victorian Diplomacy Championships Results

The 2001 Victoria Diplomacy Championships was held from 26-27 January 2002 in Melbourne, Australia. The dates were changed from the normal Easter because World Dipcon will be held in Canberra over Easter. The tournament director was David Currell.

Rank Player State Score
1 Dugal Ure VIC 37
2 Andrew Goff ACT 36
3 Tristan Lee VIC 30
4 Rohan Keane VIC 26
5 Christian Moura VIC 26**
6 Graham Allen VIC 22.25
7 Brian Shelden USA 22
8 Frank Meerbach VIC 21.25
9 Brett Chatterton NSW 21
10 Sean Colman NSW 13.5
11 Jason Whitby VIC 12*
12 Melissa Nicholson AKL 11.25
13 Ken Sproat VIC 3.75
14 Rob Hadley VIC 2**
15 George Smirnow VIC 1.25*
ACT Australian Capital Territory
AKL Auckland
NSW New South Wales
VIC Victoria
USA United States Of America
* 1 game
** 2 games
Trophies Player SC
Victoria Cup Dugal Ure
Best Austria Tristan Lee 11
Best England Andrew Goff 11
Best France Frank Meerbach 11
Best Germany Tristan Lee 8
Best Italy Andrew Goff 12
Best Russia Dugal Ure 8
Best Turkey Frank Meerbach 5

World Champion Boardgamer of Victoria:

For the second year running, Sean Colman is Victorian Boardgames Champion in far from controversy-free circumstances.

Tournament Director Comments

No worthier winner of this tournament could be found than Dugal Ure. (O cynic, I didn't mean that!) That it is ten years to the tournament since Dugal began tournament Diplomacy lends a satisfying timeliness to the justness of a result which finally sees one of the hobby's most likeable and most liked figures receive a richly deserved reward. Although unfortunately, after years of tireless devotion to the Vic Mafia he must now be considered ideologically unsound. Commiserations to perenniel bridesmaid Goffy, MD.

This was a very enjoyable tournament to run, made more so by the presence and strong showing of international players Brian Shelden and Christian Moura and recent VDC regulars Graham Allen [and Christian again :)]. Thanks to Pox, Brett, Sean, Goffy and all others for making the effort to come; I draw particular attention to the identity, if not the score, of the fifteenth placed participant: has another phoenix risen just before WDC?

Perhaps more detailed notes if I awake one morning soon a more coherent person. Until then, Cheerio, Thanks, and Three Cheers for Dugal!

(for he's a jolly good fellow / for he's...)

David Currell

Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

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