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Suggestions for Tournament Organizers

How about setting up a big notice board at each tournament with this sort of information. You could include stuff such as:

  • Tournament Rules
  • The Scoring System
  • Pointers on what the Scoring system rewards. ie squares = lead, etc
  • What prizes are awarded for the tournament. ie 1st - 3rd... players choice... teams comp.
  • The tournament timetable... including any losely organised social functions..
  • Masters Points rankings... It's useful for newcomers to know who the really good players are... after all it's knowledge that other regular players have...
  • Bismark Cup rankings... How it's scored, what it represents.
  • Future Tournaments... Nothing better than a few friends turning up to their first tournament, and discussing whether they can make it to the next one together at the time.
  • Contact details for FTF clubs... email diplomacy... Zines, and how to subscribe.. etc..
Melissa Nicholson, 02 Dec 99
Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand, Incorp. Assoc. (Vic) no. A0029615P.

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